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Collars, Leads and Harnesses

No longer content to live on the fringe, today's style conscious canines are making statements by showcasing their individuality with creative accessories.

Whether it is dressing up or down, dogs can now express their personal flair when choosing their walk ware.

DOGUE's everyday essentials are made from the finest materials providing dogs with maximum comfort.

No more fashion faux paws, DOGUE allows you to buy your accessories with confidence.

Skulls harness group
Plain Canvas Lead
Plain Harnesses
Fleur Leads group
Fleur harnesses group
Fleur Canvas Collars
Striped leads
Striped harness group
Glamour Collars
Foxy Collars
Too Glamourous
Stud Muffin Collars
Plain Janes stacked
Plain Jane Leads
Floral Collars stacked
Floral Harness Layered
Floral Leads Flatlay
Striped collars group
Bones Collars
Bones Leads

Contact us

Phone + 61 2 9386 1998
Email: wholesale@dogue.com.au

Address: 242 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

About us

DOGUE is a company with a passion for dogs and a love of fashion.
We encourage people to have fun with their pets by expressing their individual style.
We want dogs to be dogs...but to be dogs in-vogue!

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